‘Landmarks’ in ACM Computing Reviews

ACM Computing Reviews has published a review of our book ‘Landmarks – GIScience for Intelligent Services’.

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Job Openings for 2 PhD Candidates

We are currently looking for two new PhD candidates (doctoral researchers) associated with the newly SNF-funded EMOtive project.
Click links for more details on position 1 and position 2 [this will open PDFs].

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Google Scholar now claims that my work has been cited 1000 times.

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RoadPlex paper accepted

Alireza Kashian got a paper accepted at the Joint International Conference on Geospatial Theory, Processing, Modelling and Applications (organized among others by ISPRS) to be held in Toronto, CA, in early October.

The paper is about RoadPlex: A Mobile VGI Game to Collect and Validate Data for POIs (co-authored by Abbas Rajabifard and me).


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“Landmarks” published

Landmarks are crucial elements of human understanding of and communication about space. And they pose a major challenge for computational systems.

Stephan Winter and I have written a book — Landmarks – GIScience for Intelligent Services — summarizing research on integrating (references to) landmarks into computational systems from the last decade or so. It covers cognitive, conceptual, computational, and communication aspects and argues why producing and understanding landmarks is a necessity for truly intelligent geospatial systems.
The book is published by Springer.

I sure know what we did last summer…

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Spatial Cognition paper accepted

Our paper Up, Down, Turn Around: Assisted Wayfinding Involving Level Changes, written by Stephany Bigler, Annina Brügger, Fiona Utzinger, and myself has been accepted as full paper for this year’s Spatial Cognition conference to be held in Bremen, Germany, in September.


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GIScience paper accepted

We got a paper accepted at this year’s GIScience conference in Vienna, Austria.

Our paper Wayfinding Decision Situations: A Conceptual Model and Evaluation presents a model for decision point complexity that accounts for the structure of the intersection, the action to be performed as well as instruction complexity, user capabilities and environmental factors. The paper is written by Ioannis Giannopoulos, Peter Kiefer, Martin Raubal, myself, and Tyler Thrash.


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Interfacing Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

We, aka Falko Schmid (U Bremen), Seng Loke (La Trobe U), Christoph Stahl (DFKI) and myself, will organize a workshop at this year’s GIScience conference on

IO-Spaces: Interfacing Indoor and Outdoor Spaces.

Here is the call for participation.

Workshop day is 23 September. The conference will be in Vienna, Austria.



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Funding for Developing a New Course

Sara Fabrikant and me received a grant from the Faculty of Science to develop a new seminar on ‘Lego Mindstorms als Vermittler der Prinzipien der Raumkognition’ (Understanding Principles of Spatial Cognition via Lego Mindstorms).

This endeavor will be funded through the MNF IIL program (Initiative Interaktives Lernen / Innovative Lernformen 2014). Expect to see some Lego bricks crawling through the department in the future…

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Open PhD position

We currently have an open position for a doctoral researcher (PhD candidate) in project VISDOM. The candidate will work in the areas of information-rich visualization environments, such as three-dimensional (3D) city models, digital globes, and geo-virtual reality applications (or related).

For further details see the job ad.

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